What is Dylanology?

Dylanology is a monthly newsletter published by Eyolf Østrem and Jakob Brønnum. It deals with Bob Dylan’s music and writing.

Every issue contains longer pieces on aspects of Dylan’s music and readings of Dylan’s lyrics.

You will see shorter pieces on Dylan related topics, from cover albums to biographies, from essays on a Dylan metaphor to an aspect of a concert or observations and perspective on Dylan’s work.

What do they write about?

Check out the Dylanology Catalogue of Songs and Albums - the hyperlinked list of everything mentioned in the essays, columns and articles in Dylanology.

You are probably just one, ok two, clicks away from a story on some of the music and lyrics you prefer to almost anything else

Who are they?

Eyolf Østrem has over the years compiled the most comprehensive homepage about Dylan’s music. Jakob Brønnum has written a monograph covering Dylan’s writing and all the albums up to the latest (in Danish), as well as many articles (in Danish) about Dylan.

Why not subscribe?

Bob Dylan is Bob Dylan. There is no need to say anything more about that. If you want to delve into new insight and studies about the arguably most important artist alive why not subscribe to Dylanology?

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